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For more information or questions contact Mimi Wilhelm or 503.977.7850

What Moms are Saying

“My kids and I look forward to going to the class every week - they get to play and sing songs and do art projects and I get to hang out with a really nice group of moms. We all have different levels of observance, but we all have tantrums and sleepless nights in common, so we can all relate to one another. I also love that my daughter is always singing songs from the class - she's actually learning as she's playing.” 

– Rachel Pines

“What I enjoyed most about Mommy and Me was that it was a little date with my darling and me for some creative expression, music, movement and crafts along. It was a bright spot in my routine and we made some really meaningful friendships there with other mommies and their children.” 

— Julia Waco

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