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*We are open 8:30-3:30, with the option of adding early care 8:00-8:30 and aftercare (except on Fridays) 3:30-5:30

*We are Reggio Inspired and include elements of the Montessori Philosophy 

*We have a Personal, Boutique Style Vibe

* We offer Yoga, Music, Hebrew & STEM with certified instructors as part of our program

*Strong emphasis on Social Emotional Development, Kindness & Empathy

*Joyful Jewish experiences

* We offer a progressive model of education that engages the WHOLE child 

* Language and literacy rich environment

*After school activities offered on our campus, soccer and gymnastics (currently not offering due to Covid-19)

* Certified Eco-Friendly childcare

Our Name

"Gan" is the Hebrew word for "garden".

It is also the Hebrew word used for a preschool-environment.

We believe that preschool is a place where children blossom in a carefully planned setting surrounded by caring teachers and peers.

How we learn

At the Gan we believe in an experiential and intentional approach to teaching and learning. This approach fosters children's intellectual development as they are encouraged to explore their environment and express themselves through words, movement, drawing, painting, playing and other natural modes of expression. We promote an environment where children can develop critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for a successful and meaningful life.


Our Goals

At The Gan Preschool our aim is:

To nourish your child’s heart and mind as we develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.

To encourage self-confidence and individuality by helping young children enhance their learning and socializing abilities.

To foster enthusiasm and responsibility for learning in each student.

To encourage each child’s natural creativity and curiosity.

To provide a curriculum geared to the different and developing interests of each child.

To provide a setting rich in materials and resources, a caring and highly qualified staff, a developmentally-appropriate program, and activities that are both teacher-guided and child-initiated.

To provide rich and meaningful Jewish content, including education about Jewish holidays, music, traditions and the Hebrew alphabet and language.

To communicate to parents the philosophy, goals and program of The Gan preschool and to provide opportunities for parent involvement and education.

To enrich school experiences by using community resources and outside professionals in the field of early childhood education.

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