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Q.My family is Reform/Conservative/Observant/Not observant – will we feel comfortable at The Gan?

A.Yes! The Gan is a warm, inclusive environment. We are proud of our diverse community of families. We have been successful at creating an environment that is one of community, caring and respect.

Q.Is there a summer program at The Gan?

A.Yes! The Gan offers a Summer at The Gan Program which provides the same nurturing and creative program while incorporating summer time fun!

Q.What is the teacher to student ratio?

A.We have higher teacher to student ratios then is expected of our school from the Oregon Childcare Division. The 18 month old class is staffed with 2 adults caring for 8 children. The 2’s and 3's classes are staffed with 2 adults caring for 10 children. The Pre-K classroom is staffed with 2 adults caring for up to 20 children. We believe that each child should receive a high level of individualized attention and have a high teacher to student ratio in every classroom.

Q: Communication

We provide detailed and daily communication of each child's day to parents through an app called Tadpoles. Through this app parents receive an email with information on activities their child engaged in that day along with how they were feeling, how well they ate at meals and how long they napped. This is a great way for all parents to really be a part their child's day.

We take many photos throughout the day to document all the wonderful activities the children have been engaging in and the activities that take place. 

Each Friday we send out a newsletter with a note from each teacher about all the happenings in their classroom!

We really value communication and there is constant communication with teachers and Mimi.

Q.Are scholarships available?

A.Scholarships and partial scholarships are available as long as there are funds in our scholarship account.

Q. Do you take the children on field trips?

A. (Due to Covid, we are putting field trips on hold) Toddler classes do not leave the Gan Campus. We have special guest visit the classrooms such as the reptile show from OMSI, a children’s dentist and a fire truck.

3 & 4 year old classes enjoy field trips at least twice a year to places that reinforce learning such as a berry farm or the NW Children’s Theatre.


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