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The Gan Preschool is located on a campus that we call "Our Children's Village". Each classroom opens directly to our huge outdoor playground. Nature opens minds to learning and our classrooms are beautiful natured inspired spaces that are thoughtfully planned to give the children learning opportunities that allow them to make independent choices and to build skills in a variety of  areas. Every classroom has a block and building area, a dramatic play center, literacy center, a light table, a sensory table, a puzzle & early math skills table, and an atelier, which is a space to create art, an integral part of the Reggio Philosophy.  


The Gan boasts a beautiful natural playground. Playing in natural setting provides a rich source of sensory exploration as well as physical challenges. These environmental experiences are critical for healthy brain development in children.

The Gan’s state-of-the-art natural playground allows children to engage in creative imaginative play and supports their physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

Using natural materials, minimizing metal and plastic and focusing on playground equipment that leaves room for imagination, the playground leads children to play on a deeper level.

Whether they are playing in the sandbox, sliding on the slide, jamming at the music station or imagining in the playhouse, Gan students make the most of their outdoor time.

At The Gan we inspire curiosity, creativity and compassion in children in the classroom and on the playground.

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